Hydrotherapy in Alderley Edge

hydrotherapy Alderley EdgeA customer recently enquired as to whether we offer hydrotherapy in Alderley Edge. This customer had heard about the benefits of water-based therapies on a television documentary and realised that this would be ideal for him. It is with delight that we at John Griffiths Physiotherapy are able to offer a highly specific and detailed programme that is suited for you and your particular condition or problem. In the case of offering the currently sought after hydrotherapy treatment, we are always willing to recommend it to those who have had knee replacement surgery. This is due to the lack of stress on the knee in the water. It has been proven to be incredibly useful for these patients.

In Alderley Edge, hydrotherapy is just one of the many physiotherapy treatments on offer at John Griffiths Physiotherapy, but it is one that greatly eases suffering for those individuals who suffer from neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease. Some problems can be sorted out in a single session; some take longer — each and every person is different. At our centre, we believe in personalised physiotherapy, which means that you will get our professional opinion of what you can realistically expect physiotherapy to do for your particular condition.

We offer hydrotherapy in Alderley Edge, but you may also benefit from laser therapy, gym work or shockwave therapy — our fully qualified, experienced and caring physiotherapists will create the perfect rehabilitation treatment programme for your condition. Call now and book an initial assessment on 01625 432152, or take a trip to our website to find out more about the services we have on offer.

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